How VSPEX Will Reduce Your Risk and Protect Your Data

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Developing a virtualization system is a complex process, and those complexities, combined with costs and security risks, prevent some businesses from moving their operations to the virtual environment.

That’s why EMC developed VSPEX, a set of virtualization solutions that are delivered to customers by others, including cloud platforms and security vendors. The idea behind this innovation is to make it easier for consumers to get the services they need, offering IT as a service; as one representative from EMC notes, the easier it is for consumers to access and use what they need, the more likely it is that those services will be used. By bundling virtualization services under the VSPEX umbrella, consumers can confidently and easily use the features they need, while also reducing their security risks and more effectively protecting their data.

How VSPEX Will Reduce Your Risk and Protect Your Data

VSPEX in a Nutshell

While originations have been able to access virtualization solutions from multiple sources for several years, VSPEX is a marked shift toward simplifying the process. Instead of choosing from a seemingly endless array of solutions for every aspect of virtual data centers, VSPEX offers five different reference architectures; in these five architectures, most organizations can find the option that works best for them.

In each system, the components are offered by specific, branded vendors who offer direct support to customers as well as ever increasing functionalities. Each of these vendors must be certified before joining VSPEX labs, which reduces your risk – especially when considered in light of the fact that those offerings are built upon EMC’s foundation of advanced storage platforms and virtualization, security management and data protection.

Deep Security Using VSPEX

The shift toward a mix of physical, virtual and cloud data centers has led many organizations to fall behind on their security protocols. Simply put, this new environment cannot be adequately protected by the same security measures and systems that work in a purely physical environment. Not only does using older security protocols leave gaps in the protection, it can also create unnecessarily complex organizational structures and keep the organization from accessing the full potential of the cloud and virtual environments.

However, with VSPEX, organizations have access to a more up-to-date security model, one that responds to the ever-changing threat landscape and protects your network across all servers and desktops in the physical and virtual environments. Understanding many businesses are the target of advanced persistent threats, social engineering attacks and other custom threats that have not yet been identified on a global scale, deep security provides protection tailored to your environment. By monitoring activity on the networks, these solutions are capable of quickly and effectively identifying and containing “abnormal” communications, content and behavior, providing comprehensive, real-time protection against significant threats.

What makes the VSPEX model unique is that is allows organizations to fully customize security to their needs with a variety of agented and agentless solutions, including:

  • Anti-malware protection, to block known threats from viruses and other malicious content
  • Firewall protection, to block malicious or unauthorized access to your network
  • Web reputation services, to analyze potential threats presented by websites and block those sites containing malware
  • Intrusion prevention, to immediately detect and block hackers
  • Logging and auditing capabilities, to enable security teams to identify potential breaches or, in the event of an incident, effectively investigate it

Under VSPEX, these various pieces can be used in combination with each other to create a completely secure virtualized environment, ensuring your sensitive data and networks are safe.

Data center security in an era of virtualization can be a complex proposition, particularly when you’re working with data governed by complex compliance regulations. Data breaches can be costly, in terms of money, reputation and downtime, and it’s vital organizations considering moving to a virtual, or partially virtual, platform consider the security risks and employ effective solutions for managing risk. A platform like that offered by VSPEX, with its customizable and advanced deep security measures may be just what those companies that are on the fence about making such a shift need to make the move into a more efficient network environment.


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