How Online Gaming Sites Attract Gamers

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It is said that one of the main reasons why online games of today influence a lot of people and become addicted to it is that they provide a realistic gaming experience. People register on particular online gaming sites especially when they want to have fun while interacting with friends or other players. To make it clearer here are some of the reasons why people like to play online games:

• Some people want to do things that they cannot in real life such as engaging in fantasy-based battles
• Some people just want to be recognized
• Some people want to experience the feeling of having fame
• And some people were just being competitive and prove that they can compete with different individuals around the world by playing online games


Now, in order for an online gaming site to become successful, it needs more loyal customers or players. Also, they need to understand the concept of online gaming. Some online gaming experts believe that in order to influence customers to sign in repeatedly on an online gaming site, the developers need to give their players the best experience during the actual playing. On the other hand, it is said that the optimal experience that players can have is called “flow”. This means that whenever a player experiences the flow state during the actual playing, he or she will become focused, curious, or maybe have a full control of the game which will eventually lead into their loyalty.

Gaming Interaction

Now when we talk about optimal experience, it includes interactions. There are two types of interactions; the personal and social interaction. Below is a brief explanation about personal and social interaction in online games:

• Personal Interaction:

When we say personal interaction it refers to the players experience from the game. This means that the player is interacting with the features or generally the whole system of a certain online game. He plays with the computer instead of having a team that plays with him virtually. Now, when the player’s interaction with the online game system is better then it could increase the chance of player’s loyalty to the game.

• Social Interaction:

This factor refers to the interaction of two or more players in the game. Social interaction includes, chat box and voice chat communication through a VoIP service. This is playing a big role in gaining customer loyalty since this is where players make interactions with other players in a completely virtual space. As they communicate, it would have a big effect on giving the players the optimal experience that they want. They can form parties, raids, and dungeon run easier and faster.

Online Socialization

The bottom line is online gaming sites provide a communication system that allows the players to create groups in the form of guilds, parties, or cyber friends in order for them to share information. In addition, online gaming sites also offer a variety of features that can give the players an optimal experience while playing. Even the competitive gaming industry, or E-Sports, requires a good communication system for tournament events. These factors are a big asset for attracting gamers to sign-up on their game.

Online gaming sites give satisfaction to many gamers today. It is a way for them to interact with new allies or enemies without worrying about seeing each other personally. With this, players will learn how to instruct and plan using a communication system such as a voice chat app which most online games have. They will get addicted to the “flow” of the online game, and would eventually find more reasons to play the game. Therefore, online gaming sites attract gamers because of its features and through virtual interaction and strategy.


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