Find Out The Difference Between Hostels and Paying Guestrooms

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When you are shifting from your home town to a new city to pursue for your career dreams, you carry lot of apprehensions backed by limited financial resources. The situations are very rare when you have the extravagance of hiring an apartment and live a life you desire…but most of the times, we end up finding accommodation in hostels or paying guest for the initial struggling period…but before you opt for one and decide whether to go for PG accommodations or hostels…just be aware of the fine line difference between these…

Find Out The Difference Between Hostels and Paying Guestrooms

Cost Factors

Paying Guest are costlier affair than hostels. Be prepared for the additional splurge if you are opting for the paying guest accommodation in Dombivli or in any locality across the country over hostels at same locality


In both hostels and paying guests you can opt for shared or single accommodation yet in PG you have the option of better living than hostels. Hostel generally don’t have too much space allotted per person. Hostels may sometimes belong to educational institutes too where they accommodate the students of their institutes only. Paying guest has a wider horizon wherein the professional or academic background of the person is not applicable


Both in pg and hostel accommodation has their set of rules and regulations but PG rules are bit lenient thanin PG than hostels. In both the instances there are respective timing for coming back, but in paying guest it is not that rigid. In hostels there are timings for meal and meal is served during that particular time span only whereas in PG opting for meals is not a mandate…and even if you are opting for the meals, you have the option to have it at your desirable timings. Though in both the cases


Generally hostels don’t have the access to the amenities…in fact the amenities like not even there to provide you with the choice of using that. The landlord / landlady stays somewhere else and the hostel premise has been managed by a caretaker or a warden…but in paying guest, you share the same premise almost and the landlord or landlady stays there only. You have the access to the facilities like refrigerator, microwave, kitchen, hall etc. which has been included in the rent…and this is the reason of the PG rent is costlier than hostels


Since the warden is in charge of the hostel, the personal security quotient of hostels are higher than paying guest, where the person concerned is more responsible for his/her security, but as far as the belongings and the personal items or stuffs are concerned, there is no guarantee offered for that, whereas in paying guest accommodation you have a personal cupboard where you can keep your belongings safe under lock and key

Though the concept of paying guests and hostel accommodation has a very fine line differentiation and most people consider then to be similar…With time many hostels and paying guests are coming up with redefined concepts to cater to comfort factor of the tenants maintaining essence of it which implies to affordable accommodation


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