Big Growth Opportunities in Big Data

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Big data represents the confluence of transaction and interaction data with the demand for more scalable and quicker processing of that data. The issues surrounding big data are not regarding its siloed repositories of information anymore, but instead focus on the potential for understanding how big data can be better utilized with Hadoop products to make business decisions.

While structured and unstructured interaction data was traditionally difficult to access and process using conventional BI systems, big data processing systems and platforms like Hadoop now allow companies to achieve a more complete view and understanding of customers. Analyzing big data provides them with insights into customer relationships and behaviors from social media that can drive new marketing strategies.

In the data management industry, big data is clearly the next big growth opportunity. Leaders of organizations need to realize the potential opportunities as well as threats that big data can bring. It will be imperative to be able to be proactive in determining which data to analyze and pool to successfully create value while still being able to address security issues. However, if done right, big data analytics can create much value for the companies that embrace this data challenge.


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