Apps For Homeowners

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Although, in a sense, owning a home may be a dream come true, all the brave ones who took the leap of faith and actually bought themselves one, know that myriads of obligations that immediately come a-knocking. Being a homeowner is much more work than the freedom, liberty, and independence we are first promised. Still, most of these problems can be easily sorted out with a little bit of help, and who can be more helpful than our trusted smartphones. Here are the top 5 apps every home owner should be using.

Apps For Homeowners

HomeBudget with Sync

One of the most popular apps for sorting out your personal finances, HomeBudget with Sync will, as the name suggests, allow you to track your income, expenses, bills and account balances, create your home budget and use “Family Sync” option to share the income and expense information with your family members. Throw into the mix the ability to see your budget, income, and expense charts for the previous six months and you will get one very well-rounded and neat app.

Rental Rewards

With its option to pay your rent online, and various benefits that come with it (earning points for flights, vouchers, and similar perks), Rental Rewards comes as a real blessing for all the renters out there, but it also has to offer something for proprietors. Firstly, this is the easiest way to collect rent. Secondly, it is very reliable, and allows quicker payments and less bad debt. Thirdly, failed payments are retired automatically. If you are renting your home, do not sit out on this one.


The Alpha and Omega of everything helpful, WikiHow is the place where you will find everything ranging from legal advice to home-improvement and DIY tutorials. Although it is very useful as a mobile webpage, why would you bother when you can download the actual app, and unleash WikiHow’s supreme knowledge in the way best suited to your preferable OS? Neat and useful – What else could you ask for?


Part home improvement app, part household management tool, 100% useful addition to your phone Brightnest allows you to create your personalized home profile (you can, for example, set up the number of kids, pets, and make the list of appliances that need special maintenance), and set up to-do lists for each one of the scheduled maintenance tasks. In addition to this, the app provides the access to tons of useful articles, organizing tips, DIY projects, and other lifehacks.


Finally, let us mention something that makes every home a happy home and that is groceries. OurGroceries will allow you to create functional and well-organized grocery lists, sort the items by the type (dairy, meat, etc.), and sync those lists across several devices. Once you are done, everyone with the access will be able to add new and delete the existing entries. Immensely useful when you and your spouse need to cover a lot of ground but do need have too much time on disposal.


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