7 Futuristic Technology Ideas

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As we all know technology is vastly advancing, so quickly in fact that it can be hard to keep up with what’s going on in the world. With the huge amount of gadgets such as tablets, phones and computers, gaming devices it boggles the mind to think what they will come up with next. I have taken the time to find you some weird yet wonderful futuristic ideas which most likely will be soon appearing on our TV screens. Here are 7 technological gadgets that you may have not thought possible.

Future Technology

Brain Implants To Restore Lost Memories

By the year 2023 there will be an ability to create tiny microchips which will sit amongst the brain endings and have the ability to replace any memory loss. This will in due course fix health conditions such as strokes, alzheimer’s and any other memory loss injuries. The unique patterns stored by memories will be detected and stored by a computer. This all sounds far fetched to me but with the great improvements happening each day I wouldn’t be surprised about this idea!

Bionic Vision With Cybernetic Contact Lenses

According to a report this type of technology is already here! These bionic contact lenses are apparently going to enable us to not only see better but also see other things such as; directions, news and even weather reports. This is all without even having to switch on your television. How weirdly awesome would that be?

Miniature Cell Phone

Japan has showed an example of an extremely small cell phone known as the ‘Adjustick’ there concept is to have a really small yet functional calling device. This device when laid on its side projects a usable keyboard and screen.

Control Games With Your Brain

I thought that using a control pad was a lazy enough way to play a game but apparently not. This design created by ‘Emotiv’ is a headset you place on your head. It kind of looks likes something out of a U.F.O movie but I’m sure its safe! (Gulp). The concept of this is to enable you to control the game with your mind. How cool is that?

Transparent TV

This idea sounds quite unusual to me, I mean how would you see anything if it was transparent? Well this is actually a creation made by somebody called Michael Friebe. The combination of the conventional LCD screen along with the latest display technology allows you to see a non-transparent solid picture. These will be available in both black and white.

Pouring Lamp

This intriguing design was made by Yeongwoo Kim. The concept of this is the lamp uses LED lights which will sit in the bucket leading to a ‘pouring’ effect.  This futuristic lamp will sure look cool on your computer desk.

Document Extractor- Combination Monitor

This gadget is one of the more interesting ones. It is actually a monitor, printer and scanner in one. Basically you will be saving yourself a lot of room and time by getting one of these. You simply slide a piece of paper into the back of the monitor and you can print whatever you like in one go. The scanner that is installed in the printer is also real time which will allow you to see your documents in real time.

Bio: Technology has advanced a long way over the years and there is a lot more to come, this is due to being able to have large amounts of data on small devices whereas before this was not possible! The more data the better the technology. See more of us at ShareFile.com.


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