5 Fantastic PPC Ad Networks That Can Be Great For Monetizing A Website

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Today, using advertising methods to make some extra money is something every blogger or webmaster intends to do. There are quite a number of methods that can help you make money with online advertising, with PPC being the most popular and perhaps the most effective way of doing it. This method is not only adopted by advertisers to make money, but even growing businesses leverage this method to generate business and get more exposure.

5 Fantastic PPC Ad Networks That Can Be Great For Monetizing A Website

Advertising is basically a collaborative thing, which involves advertisers that aim to get more visitors to take a look at their business and publishers who look forward to making money for routing targeted traffic towards the advertising units of the advertiser. The best way to carry out advertising in a proficient manner is PPC marketing. In this method, whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement placed on the publisher’s website, the advertiser pays for every single click, and the webmaster makes money.

While Google AdSense is the most popular PPC advertising network out there, at times, it can get tiring playing around with some of the unreasonable terms and conditions; not to mention today you should not rely on such one ad network. Mentioned below are our top 5 picks for PPC ad networks that are worth trying. You can also view a more detailed list for AdSense alternatives.

ValueClick Ads:

This is one of the best ones out there for many reasons. Different advertising formats used by this ad network include pop ads, banner ads of different sizes, contextual ads and few other formats. ValueClick is primarily based on CPM and CPC methods. The best part about ValueClick is that it offers amazingly low rates compared to most other popular networks. Not only is the account approval very simple and easy but the network also shares a good 65% of total revenue with their publishers.


This is one of the most talked about growing advertiser platforms but has not been able to make a mark as a good publisher platform as of now. This network has many different types of advertisers but their CPC rates are much lower compared to other popular publisher networks and this is the reason why publishers often opt for AdHitz compared to other networks. The network shares 70% of the revenue and its minimum payout is $25.


This is probably one of the most popular ad-networking websites where small businesses and ventures promote their business. What makes Zedo very special is its ability to drive targeted ads that actually result in great conversion. If you are one of them who wants to kick-start your very own advertising network, Zedocal also help you there. With amazing ad serving tools, Zedo has earned a reputation of helping small businesses grow their network and business.


This is one of highest offering advertising networks on Internet that gives you very high returns for displaying the ads. Many webmasters and bloggers around the world make thousands of dollars every month displaying their ads on their websites and Buysellads has actually helped them generate a lot of revenue in the process. The minimum payout here is just $50 and earnings can be easily received through either wire-transfer or PayPal.


When you add their package of web promotion alternatives to your network of website then you considerably boost your stages of guest fulfillment and earnings. You can also sign-up here for no cost assistance and help your viewers to generate some effortless money.

So, go ahead and give a try to all these ad networks, and see what works for your website, and what doesn’t.

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