4 Top Internet Professions

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In the modern workplace, nearly every job has an online component. Some jobs, however, are entirely dependent on Internet access. Entirely Web-based careers can be exciting opportunities for those who want to work from home or on the go, have strong self-management skills, and love to learn about new technology. The following jobs can all be done remotely and are increasingly dependent on reliable, high-speed Internet access.

Mobile App Developer


Image via Wikimedia Commons by Janto Dreijer

With the rise of the mobile device market, developers who create applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile hardware have more work opportunities than ever. An app developer handles nearly all aspects of the creation of mobile applications, from brainstorming ideas for new apps, to coding and marketing them.

At every stage of the process, app developers depend on Internet resources. These developers research the current app market online to determine demand for their products, code their apps to function with Internet connectivity, and market their apps through websites, online advertisements, and social media platforms.

Web Designer

The backbone of any individual’s or organization’s online presence is a strong website. While there are many tools and templates that allow almost anyone to build a new website, it takes a Web designer to create a site that looks great and works perfectly. Web designers use a wide variety of skills and programs to construct the visual interface and background code of a website.

Naturally, because a Web designer’s work appears exclusively online, a strong Internet connection is mandatory to test and implement his or her designs. This work can be done from an office, though many modern Web designers are self-employed professionals who work remotely.

Creative Services Professional

Many careers that existed long before the invention of the Internet are becoming more Internet-dependent every day. Graphic artists, writers, editors, sound designers, and other creative professionals find and share their work online, often exclusively.

Using online job listings and Internet marketing of their skills, creative professionals function as freelance content creators for a wide variety of clients, often never interacting with their clients outside of email or video chat. This requires online creative services professionals to have fast and constant connectivity, such as DSL Internet service, to quickly upload and share content with their clients.

Virtual Retailer

Thanks to online systems like Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy, businesses both small and large can sell their products via a virtual storefront. In fact, many goods-based businesses are 100% online, selling their wares only through online catalogs.

This saves virtual retailers from the considerable overhead of maintaining a brick-and-mortar storefront, staff, and cash register, though it does make their business entirely dependent on an Internet connection. Fast, stable Internet service is essential for ensuring that all online transactions run smoothly and that the virtual storefront can be updated quickly.

These are just a few professions that depend on the Internet for everyday operations. As technology evolves and more businesses go exclusively online, more professions will become mostly, if not entirely, virtual. This is why all professionals, not just those who work exclusively online today, are almost wholly dependent on their Internet connections.


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