What Is CorrecTrade Algorithm?

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CorrecTrade is revolutionising online trading. It is an innovative bot that assists traders by predicting trading and offering accurate trade alerts to traders.

What Is CorrecTrade Algorithm?

Why should I use CorrecTrade?

Have you made incorrect trading decisions in the past?

CorrecTrade’s accurate analysis of the market and instant alerts can help you. The software only works in conjunction with a regulated and established online broker. It uses a secret algorithm to accurately analyse future asset trends so you can trade confidently and easily. However, it is worth noting that CorrecTrade does not offer a demo account, so you cannot test out the platform or practise trading. Furthermore, you cannot trade using technical analysis you have carried out yourself: you have to follow the trade alerts issued by the algorithm.

How does it work?

Using a CorrecTrade bot allows you to execute multiple trades at a split-second speed and frequency that would be impossible for a human trader. Once the CorrecTrade algorithm has completed a systematic technical analysis of the historical data and a range of indicators and market variables, the algorithm then generates and issues hundreds of predictions each day to users.

As the CorrecTrade algorithm processes a wealth of complex financial data, market information and charts, it provides you with fast, accurate alerts of trades on your preferred assets. Equipped with the latest security features, CorrecTrade only deals with regulated options brokers. This helps to protect your funds and maintain your privacy.

Is it safe to use?

The CorrecTrade privacy and data protection policy explains how it uses robust software to ensure that users’ personal and confidential information is retained: it is not shared with any third parties. All transactions are securely safeguarded and remain private. CorrecTrade only works with reputable, online binary options brokers, who are fully regulated and well known. All transactions and information are protected with the safest, encrypted software and the regulatory authorities monitor and uphold the codes of practice and strict standards.

Is using a bot legal?

Yes. With this bot, traders guarantee that they are conducting transparent, ethical and legal business practices in a secure trading environment: the likelihood of any fraudulent activity is eliminated as all brokers are regulated binary options brokers. The bot is 100% secure and is regulated by financial regulatory bodies.

Is it CorrecTrade free?

Yes. The CorrecTrade platform does not include any hidden fees. The registration process is free of charge and easy to complete.

For further information on the CorrecTrade privacy policy and to read the CorrecTrade guide, please visit the CorrecTrade website.


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