Top 5 Medical Apps For Health Conscious Gadget Fans

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With so much information on medicine and healthy living available on the internet and through smartphones, there really is little excuse nowadays not to live a healthy lifestyle. There are apps for pretty much every medical malady you might experience, with tons of advice and planners that can help you keep on top of your health and ensure that you always look and feel great. If you are worried about your health, be it from a medical or a lifestyle point of view, first you should go see your favorite Landau scrubs wearing doctor, then there are several apps that you should try out to see if they can help ensure you are treating your body the way it deserves.

Medical apps - Courtesy of Shutterstock
Medical apps – Courtesy of Shutterstock


Pregnancy is at once one of the most wonderful and frightening experiences that a woman can go through, and therefore it is handy for a pregnant woman to have all the information she needs to hand. Enter Pregnancy++. This app allows an expecting mother to read up on what she needs to know for every stage of her pregnancy, keep track of weight changes and do so much more. The app is well built, sleek and practically unrivalled in the pregnancy app market. A sure buy for any tech-wise pregnant woman who wants to keep track of all her pregnancy-related data.


The app-version of the popular website WebMD is built with functionality in mind, helping you access all the most popular features of WebMD as quickly as possible. With an encyclopaedia of medical maladies combined with a precise symptom checker, it is a great app to whip out if you are feeling under the weather and do not know what to do. The WebMD app also contains vital information on first aid that is useful in an emergency, and also has a map to local healthcare facilities in case you need to get to an expert fast.


Epocrates is a great app for anyone who has a chronic medical condition that requires taking a multitude of different tablets. With an extensive database, Epocrates catalogues different tablets and medicines (generic and labeled) to ensure that, if you get confused by your pill box, you know what medication you are really taking. Perfect for anyone who has a habit of forgetting to organise their medication.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle is a massively popular alarm clock for iPhone, but with one crucial difference that sets it apart from the crowd: Sleep Cycle analyses you while you asleep and determines when it best to wake you, instead of vice versa. Although the app had many doubters when it was first released, it has come to be one of the top rated medical apps in the Apple App Store because it really does do what it sets out to do: measuring your sleep cycles to ensure you are getting enough rest. Sleep is one of the most crucial parts of any healthy lifestyle, yet it is an item overlooked and under-treasured by many. Sleep Cycle will ensure you are getting the right amount of sleep and are woken at a time that is best for you and your body.


Although primarily designed as a weight loss tool, MyFitnessPal actually has a multitude of uses for those interested in keeping healthy beyond counting calories. Because the app basically functions as a food diary, it is a great way of keeping track of your sugar, cholesterol, and vitamin and mineral intake. MyFitnessPal connects you to an unparalleled food and drink database, meaning you do not need to type in each fiddly number for different nutritional information. Simply search for the item by name with the help of your wireless internet service or scan the barcode using your phone camera.


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