The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Old Phone

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If you are one of those people that simply must have the latest iPhone or Samsung, upgrading can be expensive. If you live in Europe or the states, your phone is part of the provider’s package, which typically lasts for 2 years. The phone price might be as low as $200, and in some cases it is “free”, which means that the cost of the phone is included in the per-minute charges for using the number. The contract would stipulate that the user receives a free phone upgrade, perhaps yearly, or at the end of the contract, as an incentive to take out a second lease, and the consumer would be given a choice of perhaps two or three of the top makes, such as iPhone and Samsung.

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Old Phone

What do I do with My Old Phone?

Most people take great care of their smartphone, after all, it can do so much. Apart from making or receiving a call, a smartphone can do a vast array of things, from waking you up, to telling you where to turn right, and with the wide range of apps available, there is no limit to how a smartphone can assist a person in their daily life. So, what does one do with it when one receives a brand new upgrade? Sell it of course!

The Second-hand Smartphone Market

Believe it or not, there is a thriving used smartphone market, but none of your friends would be interested, after all, they too have smartphones from their provider, and the same upgrade package. You might find it hard to sell it to someone you know, but fear not, there are websites thatspecialise in recycling smartphones. If you want to know how much your phone is worth, you can sell iPhones using GadgetValuer, which is an easy, online way to value your phone. Simply type in the model and condition, and you will get a price quoted.

Network Locking

Many providers have the phone locked, to prevent a non-network SIM being used, so an iPhone that was used in the UK, would not be usable in Asia, not without the unlock code, at any rate. This practice is controversial to say the least, as the provider is looking to benefit from the high roaming charges a user receives when they use the phone abroad. A locked smartphone is a lot harder to sell, but there are ways to unlock a smartphone.

Unlock Code

Every smartphone has a unique code called an IMEI number, which consists of 15 digits, and the provider will issue the unlock code if the user provides the IMEI number, which unlocks the phone, and the value immediately rises, as the device can now be used with any network. Most people are unaware of this, and assume the phone must stay locked. In the event you received the phone from someone else, you could ask them to contact the carrier and request the unlock code, but don’t forget to give them the IMEI number, the provider must have this in order to find the unlock code.

How do I find My IMEI Number?

This is quite easy, just type into the phone keypad “*#06#” and the number will automatically show, and this works with all smartphone brands. With the IMEI number, there are many websites that can provide the unlock code, in the event you are unable to contact the original carrier, although there will be a charge for this service.

Holding their Value

Currently, iPhones manage to hold their value, even after the launch of the iPhone 7, the 6 is still very much in demand. So, if you have just received your iPhone 7, and are still in awe of its capabilities, take a moment to think about selling the 6, which will only gather dust from here on in.

Can I Sell Any Phone?

The phone should be in reasonable condition, with perhaps some mild cosmetic damage, and should include the original battery. The phone must be in working order, and if not, you can sell it for recycling purposes.

How do I go about it?

Go to a website that provides quotes for used smartphones, and after entering the correct information, you will receive your quote. The next step is for the website to contact a listed recycler for your particular phone, and the recycler will send you a Jiffy-bag with a postage paid sticker, and you send the phone to them. Upon receipt, and providing the condition is acceptable, you will be paid. It really is that simple.

Can I Sell a Broken Phone?

The short answer is yes. The phone’s condition, however, must be accurately described. Here are the typical questions asked,

1.  Does the phone power up?

2.  Is the screen working?

3.  Is the phone water damaged?

4.  Do the speakers and microphone work? When talking of buying broken phones, the definition of broken, is that the phone has,

5.  Power problems – Does not power up, or charge.

6.  A cracked or broken screen

7.  Buttons that no longer work, or are missing.

8.  Hardware issues – Microphones, speakers, or any other ports.

9.  Frame damage – Smashed or bent frame or glass.

 10. Software issues – Any issues that prevent full phone functionality.

Phones that are beyond Repair

In the event your phone is not worth anything, you should still recycle the device properly. The website that provided the information, will be happy to recycle the phone for free, and if you provide your address, they will send you a free-postage bag.

Responsible Recycling

Have you ever considered just how many smartphones are being used today? The answer is a staggering two billion! If you think about the older phones, that are discarded, or just thrown away, it is easy to understand how there is a complete industry dedicated to recycling mobile phones. Most of these companies are based in the US, and phone buying sites will have connections with these recyclers, which is why they are able to offer such high prices. For more information on how mobile buying companies work, here is a link to an informative article.

The Used Phone Market

The large recycling companies will grade the devices and the better ones will be shipped for sale in Africa and Asia, where a two year old iPhone is worth considerably more than in the West. Smartphones that are still usable, but have cosmetic damage,can be repaired and sold on, while the phones that are unusable can be disassembled and then recycled.

Forgotten Devices

Most smartphone users regularly upgrade, with the pace of development so fast, one really has little choice but to keep pace with the new technology. A vast majority of users simply put the old device in the drawer and it is forgotten, which means there are millions, possibly billions, of usable mobile phones waiting to be recycled. If reading this has suddenly made you remember where you stored your old devices, then you’ll be happy to know they have a value and can easily be sold. Simply log on to a website that can give you an instant quote, and in a few short steps, the post-free bag will be on its way to you.

The Older Generations

Mobile phones have been around for a few decades now, and many of the original devices are still sitting undiscovered somewhere. Then, as generation after generation of smartphones evolved, this created a mass of unused devices, which need to be recycled.

Private Sale

Of course, one can sell a used smartphone privately, on e-commerce sites such as eBay, and if you set up a seller’s account and have a lot of time and patience, you might get a better price that the recycling sites will offer. One good way to get a price comparison for a hi-end smartphone is to check on eBay, and you will quickly find out the current market value. You could also advertise locally, ask your friends and work colleagues, providing the smartphone is not too outdated, although you will find that most people are provided the latest iPhone by their network provider, and probably have a phone to sell you! You may find a shop that buys second-hand smartphones, and they will offer you a price, however, the price is typically lower that you would be offered by a website that buys used smartphones.

Quick and Convenient

By using the services of a website that exists solely to buy used smartphones, you will get the best possible price, plus the process is simple and you will receive the cash within days of initiating the sale. If you happen to have a few old devices stored away, there’s no better time to find out how much they are worth, and perhaps you will get enough money to buy the latest iPhone!


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