The Concept Of The Microwave Radiation

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Microwaves are electromagnetic rays with a frequency range of 0.3 GHz to 300 Ghz. They are found between the radio waves and the infrared waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Microwave radiation is the radiating wave movement in which microwave energy travels. And like every other electromagnetic wave they do not need a medium to travel, as they go in a straight line path. Aires Technologies offers the most effective microwave radiation protection device to keep you safe and healthy

Microwaves are reflected off upon hitting a metal surface but can pass through non-metals materials such as glass or plastic. Food and other high water content material absorb this wave, which in turn generates heat. This is one of the operational principles on how a microwave kitchen appliance works. The microwave oven generally has a high voltage transformer, a wave guide fan, a cooking chamber as well as an electron tube (magnetron). Electricity is passed from the transformer to the magnetron where the electric energy is converted to microwave radiation.  The radiation is reflected in the cooking chamber and then absorbed by the food. This absorbed microwave causes a vibration in the water molecule which generates heat that cooks the food.

The Concept Of The Microwave Radiation

Foods with high water molecule cook faster. Microwaves kitchen appliance do not have that much energy to alter or cause any form of chemical change in substance as feared by many who believe it to cause some level of radioactivity to foods. However, this radiation only describes the way the microwaves travel and not the level or form of radioactivity.

As a result of this, microwaves pose a threat to the body tissues in like manner as it affects foods. Some of the likely injuries caused by microwave radiation include  burns, eye cataract and other forms of injury. However, this could take a high level of radiation for such injuries to happen and microwave oven has very low level of radiation to cause such injuries. Microwave radiation stops as soon as the appliance is turned off making the effects of standing in front of the microwave oven negligible. At the same time, it is important for cooks to take sensible precautions.

To be on the safe side when purchasing a microwave oven kitchen appliance, you should ensure that what you buy meets the industry approved safety standard. Also, makes sure you read and follow the instruction manual before using the device.  Use specified bowls and vessels designed for microwaves oven. Avoid heating water or any other liquid and if you must let it be for a rather short period of time. Always ensure you keep the doors shut while using the device.

You can equally reduce microwave exposure so much when handling your phone by encasing it in a carrying pouch or even use earphones to increase distance and reduce possible exposure to microwave.

Microwaves however are just at the right wavelength to excite the water molecule and cook whatever food you have in your microwave.  The majority of microwaves are contained within the oven during operation.


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