3 Health Tips for Obsessed Gamers

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There are more than 33 million gamers in the UK, who play a host of different titles across social and console platforms. While gaming is an occasional hobby for some, however, others treat it as a more serious past time and choose to play their favourite titles for hours at a time. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle as a gamer and do not let your passion compromise your well being. Consider the following health tips as being key to establishing a healthy balance: –


Ÿ  Take Regular Breaks from the Computer Screen: Whether you are an avid gamer or spend a great deal of time working at the computer screen, it is all too easy to become immobile and transfixed with the task in hand. This can trigger a number of potential health concerns, however, and medical experts recommend that you commit to taking regular breaks from the screen during use. The engaging nature of console and social titles ensure that this a challenge for gamers, but the time spent away from the screen can help to enhance the overall experience.


Ÿ  Wear Gunnar Advanced Gaming Eyewear: Regular gaming can place a significant strain on your eyes, especially given the increased use of digital technology and extremely rapid data processing speeds. Whether you play games on your PC, through a standard console or a handheld device, your eyes are not capable of handling excessive use without displaying signs of wear and tear. To combat this, you should consider having Gunnar optiks and eyewear professionally fitted by an optician, as this is a free process that will reduce visual stress and ultimately improve your focus.


Ÿ  Minimize the Glare from your Computer Screen: One of the key challenges that gamers face is the glare that escapes from their computer screen, as this can also place a strain on their eyes and trigger symptoms of fatigue. To avoid this, you should ensure that your monitor is kept away from any windows or sources of natural light, as this can create contrasts and unseen areas on your screen. Even the simple task of regularly cleaning your computer screen can help to minimize the glare, so ensure that you do this consistently if you are a dedicated gamer.


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