Know Everything About The Winning Features Of Windows 10

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Windows recently launched the new Windows 10 upgrade for users using Windows 7x and Windows 8x which thoroughly delighted users. Microsoft is always known for superb features and offerings and Windows 10 doesn’t fail to impress!

Here is all you need to know about the amazing new features you’re introduced to with the latest upgrade:

Know Everything About The Winning Features Of Windows 10

Start Menu

Microsoft re-launched the Start Menu in a major way and it’s quite impressive. The Start Menu is quite similar to that of Windows giving the user the ease of familiarity making it fairly simple to use and work with.  It’s not just more transparent but also sleeker giving it a futuristic appeal however; live Tiles have been retained to make real time upgrades about information. For select devices the full screen start menu is also still available but users have gladly welcomed back the start menu.

Multitask Like Never Before

Windows has always been known to provide best multitasking short cuts improving productivity and reducing the time taken to perform various tasks. You can enter a snap view mode and easily go through various tasks as windows automatically arrange themselves in a tile like preview for better user interaction. This allows you to have four windows snapped on the screen for you to better manage tasks.  You can easily switch screens in the Task View. It also enables synchronization with OneDrive helping you have access to all your data as well as backing it up so you can carry your data with you everywhere and access It from any device.

Windows Hello

This is a great new authentication software where you act as the password. You can set facial recognition as well as other biometric recognition options as a password so your computer and data is always protected. Thanks to Intel RealSense 3D camera as well as 3D Depth Sensing, this software could breathe life and is really quite amazing how far technology has come along. Make use of flipkart coupons to get yourself amazing Windows tablets to make full use of Windows 10 and stay ahead in technology as well as earn good cash back and discounts.

Cortana- Your Personal Assistant

This is an amazing search tool and acts as your personal assistant. It has good processing abilities allowing you to use the language you’re comfortable with and even if you ask your device to “ how’s the weather going to be like?” it can give you results. You can switch over to listening mode simply by activating Hey Cortana.

Browser with an Edge

Windows has replaced Internet Explorer with an all new browser called Windows Edge. It is really simple to use with minimalistic features making it very user friendly. The browser combines the best of everything by incorporating the capabilities of Cortana and presenting a reader view similar to Apple’s Safari which is easy to work with like Google Chrome. This really could be a big hit. Now browse effortlessly and shop endlessly using amazon coupons to get yourself the latest Microsoft and Windows gadgets to get the best as well as get the best price through cash back and discounts.

Limitless Interaction

No matter which device you use, you can interact with it in the way that pleases you. You can touch pages to better manoeuvre them as well as assemble and align apps and photos as you please. You can use a pen to either draw or write notes quickly as well as edit documents swiftly without hassle. Similarly you can even speak using Skype and better engage with friends and relatives and of course you can type on the touch keyboard as well as the normal keyboard.

Screen Compatibility

Whether you’re using a PC, tablet, phone or laptop you can always get the best of Windows 10 on every device as it can easily work on every mode delivering the best no matter which device you use. It also comes with a feature Continuum which helps it detect when you remove a keyboard and use a touch based UI to help you move around effortlessly.

Newer Apps

The update comes with new and improved apps for seamless functioning of everyday tasks. With the update come apps such as Maps, Mail and Calendar as well as apps for better media integration through Music and Films & TV. Through its synchronization with OneDrive, you can easily carry your media wherever you go and you can use any device to access your files and media anytime, anywhere!

Action Centre

Windows makes sure you never miss out on action through Action Centre which helps you get alerts for emails, notifications and messages from various social platforms. It is quite similar to the Notification Centre on the Apple’s OS operating system and it seems like Windows is finally catching up with Apple by presenting such features to their users.

Universal Search

Action Centre isn’t the only feature inspired by Apple’s OS operating system. Windows brings to you Universal Search which helps you perform a search across the web as well as by searching files and media including settings and apps which has been integrated with Cortana. This is quite similar to the Spotlight feature of Apple.

Windows 10 has really taken a huge leap seeing Windows 7 and 8. The new upgrade comes with some much needed features and Windows 10 should be a clear winner for Microsoft as it’s finally understanding  what their users would really want!


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