Keek is on a Revolutionary Target

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Keek with the efforts of its CEO Issac Raichyk stepped into the world of social networking in the year of 2011 with a thought of discovering the world and interacting with others in a very new way. Keek helps its users to upload photos very much quickly and share videos in a faster method. While you come across several social video sites giving so many options to share their videos Keek too improvising its ideas to match the tastes of its users and keep them posted with new features for their photo and video sharing services.

Limitations in terms of time limit for uploading videos differs from on social video site to another and with Keek it is about 36 seconds and you can upload your videos with any video capturing tools like webcam, android or iPhone device. You can Keek your upload within minutes and users can follow up with your videos and photos through social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc.

Social video sharing sites indulge in the service of photo and video sharing in a more interesting and effective way. Video sharing sites like Keek insist many of its users to sign up by providing several addictive features for their video sharing experience. And as such Kylie Jenner an American model and television star posted her short video on Keek, check it out at

Features of Keek

  • Keekback is an option available to the video uploading on Keek for giving out comments to your favorite videos and it is very simple to follow up with your friends and followers with Keekback feature.
  • You can also able to send private keek video messages to your friends through your keek dashboard.
  • The Keek users can follow up with their favorite and interesting people with a simple click of “follow” button.
  • You will be able to discover what is happening among the other people and what the current topic with them.
  • Sharing your videos through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube or even you can embed it on your blogs.
  • The other features like My stats, My stream, Keekmail, Dashboard, Kred, @mentions all goes to make Keek a more comfortable and flexible place for your shares.

The Growth

Keek has seen a significant and momentum growth with stats saying, as of August 2012 it had 21 million visits and 250 million page views. The site has seen 66,000 daily video uploads and having the user base of 2 million which is going to hit over 10 million users. With this tremendous growth Keek has seen many noteworthy users and few among them are Nicole Anderson, Tiffany Alvord, Adam Carolla, Olga Kay etc. Among Keek’s community 85% includes people who are with ages of 13-25 with majority of female users.

Keek is still on action to grab more addictive users with its features and you can explore more details on Keek by following the link


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