Fitness Apps That You Need

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Getting fit is the trendy new thing that everyone is in to. Which is great, much better than the unhealthy habits and trends that have been popular in the past. This is precisely why we have seen a plethora of apps geared towards fitness junkies. Regardless if you are a runner, biker, or even a swimmer, there is a specific app targeted to your exercise of choice. Many of these apps sync seamlessly with all of the wearable tech that is available today, like fitbits and smart watches. Read on below for some of my favorite fitness apps that you should download today! 

Fitness Apps That You Need

If you are getting healthy and can help a charitable cause, what’s not to like about it? Charity Miles is just the app that fulfills both of these needs. It’s essentially a run or walk app that has corporate sponsors who advertise in the background. For allowing these advertisements, they must donate a certain amount of money upon the number of miles completed by the users. This is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Digifit iCardio is one of the best all around fitness apps out there. It doesn’t matter if you are a runner, prefer cycling, or even weight lifting. This apps tracks your heart rate, which already makes it stand apart from all of the others. Heart rate is the most accurate way to gauge calorie reduction and your optimal level of workout. Of course this app requires a device that can track heart rates, like the MIO Link, which syncs nicely with this app. 

Nearly of all of the major fitness clubs like LA fitness and Lifetime have their own specific apps for their members. At first glance it might not seem needed, but it can actually make your gym life much easier. Consider that if you are interested in attending a Pilates class in Denver at their local LA Fitness, you can open your app, find the time of the next class, and then book your spot in it. No need to show up 30 minutes early and wait anymore. Or perhaps you want to use the racquetball court at the gym. In the past you would drive up to the gym only to find every court taken for the next several hours, what a wasted trip. Now with these gym apps you can reserve your court at a set time and for a set amount of hours. 

Jefit Workout is that app for those weightlifting gym rats that track every pound they lift and the number of set and reps completed. You might recognize these people by the large and tattered notebooks they carry around and are always penciling in. This app comes equipped with a daily calendar, allowing you to plan and track your daily workout routines. You can specify the exercise, weight, reps, and number of sets for each one. Tracking your workout has never been as fun or easy as it is now. Make sure you download this in a hurry!


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