Evolving Technological Innovations- Comparing Two of the Most Wanted Smartphone in the Market

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3Smartphone manufacturers continue to develop amazing features to impress its users. There has been a large production of electronic gadgets in the market as technology also continues to evolve. Smartphone has been the most influential gadget in the market today. It is expected that there will be more innovations coming as people continue to learn the aspects of information technology and develop understanding on the new modifications in the industry.

The most popular Smartphone in the industry today is the newest version of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series. iPhone 5, which is already out in the market has adapted the design of the other iPhone series and made a name in the industry although not as shocking as its previous version did.  Samsung Glaxy S4 which is expected to be launched April has also taken its design from the Glaxy S series with more improvements on its features and appearance. These two have made a noise in the market as people continue to compare their features and usability.


When it comes to design, Smartphone buyers always look for quality. iPhone 5 has retained the material used in all casings of iPhone series which is aluminum while Samsung Galaxy S4 I made of sturdy plastic. Given their description it aluminum shows better quality then the plastic counterpart. The iPhone 5 is also lighter and thinner with 123.8×58.6×7.6 dimension weighing 112g compared to S4 which weighs 130 with a 136.6×69.8×7.9.

Screen size

Since Smartphone are established for mobile multitasking capabilities a bigger screen would be better. Samsung Galaxy S4 boast an amazing 5 inches screen display which has similar resolution to HDTVs. iPhone 5 users on the other hand has been enjoying the 4 inches display with upgraded version of iPhone software for playing games, viewing pages and watching short videos.


Samsung S4 is believed to focus on better camera application making the other competitor’s camera outdated. It delivers camera modes that are commonly found in shoot camera including a new feature called dual shot where a user can take a video or image using the rear facing camera and stay in the scene using the 2MP front facing camera.

Battery Life

When it comes to Smartphone people often usually look for the one that can hold different tasks longer. The battery life of a phone is very important for every type of users. While it said that iPhone 5 is capable of a better battery life it does not hold a removable battery. With Samsung S4 it would still be possible for you to use your phone even if you have run out of battery because of excessive use. It has a removable back that allows you to buy an extended compatible battery or switch on to a wireless charger.

The evolving technological innovation has made many changes in people’s lives especially in the field of communication. The resounding success of the two most wanted Smartphone in the market only shows how people support and appreciate the modern technology. Moreover, seeing that people are deliberately excited of the launching of new gadgets in the market manufacturers continue to update and improve their products to gain trust and loyalty from their customers. With the fierce competition of developers in the information technology industry it is expected that there will more discoveries to come soon.

The technology used in many Smartphone like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other innovative gadgets has changed the lifestyle of many people. Smartphone which is considered as one of the best communication tools in the market today has given more convenience in making personal and business transactions.

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