Build Your Website to Build Your Business

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You can have the flashiest graphics and the best-looking images in the entire entire Internet, but if nobody browses your page then your business site is simply taking up space. Having a quality website that allows visitors to quickly and effectively get a sense of what your company offers is a major asset for any business, even those that offer no services at all on their website. Properly optimizing a website can be done with a few tips.

Build Your Website to Build Your Business

Choose the Best Web Host

A mega-corporation like McDonalds will need to have a web host that runs countless billions of bytes per second in order to maintain its presence and deal with the weight of millions of clicks per day. Your website, on the other hand, probably does not need to carry the heavy burdens of the corporate world. Make sure that you are not overpaying for your web host by getting the basics down first. You want security, accessibility, stability in the server, and customer support at all hours of the day. If you can find all these features in a web host that only costs about twenty dollars a month, you are sure to have a good choice on your hands. Do not overpay for what should be the essentials of any host.

Keep Redirects Down

Your webpage is just like a theme park. When a person arrives at the front, they should instantly know where they want to go and how to get there. If your front page does not have the proper navigation system, a search or a few clicks are merely going to give the user a redirect page that quickly leads to frustration. Keep the redirects low on your site by keeping the flow from page to page and less round-trip-time (a statistic that measures how long it takes to get from point A to point B on a site). Streamlining this process goes a long way.

Get the Best Names For a Search

Search-engine optimization is all about making sure that your company’s name comes up first in a search engine query. Since less than one percent of all users of search engines will go to the second page in order to find more information, you miss out on a huge chunk of the market if your information does not come up first and foremost. Use proper optimization on your site by having a clear title that provides your business’ name and location, then repeat this information in the first few lines of every page available. This allows for Google’s search algorithms to pick up on the query and provide a searcher with your page as a higher entry. By putting in variable keywords in addition to the main keywords (such as “frozen yogurt” in addition to “ice cream”), you are sure to get more search hits as well.

Market Aggressively on Social Media

There is no easier way to promote anything, whether it is a website or a new model of a car, than on social media. Not only can you instantly be in direct contact with an attentive customer, but you can do so for next to no money at all. The more types of social media your page uses, the more likely it is to get clicks. Putting up videos on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest, short messages on Twitter, and so on all keep visitors coming back to see what your page has to offer. Drop social media cues all around your site and visitors will even share it with their own friends and contacts — marketing your site without you ever needing to lift a finger.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he offers tips on website construction and aims to encourage further study with a technology MBA.


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