After Google, Its Facebook’s Turn To Work On Providing Internet Access To Millions

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Recently, CEO of has launched their highly ambitious project by the name of INTERNET.ORG. This time it’s going to huge, because after achieving more than 1 billion users of across the globe, Zuckerberg and his organization are eying for an even bigger achievement. Now they want to connect every person of the planet with the other people, through internet. Yes, you read it right; the purpose of initiating is to provide the connectivity to internet for every person, who has a mobile phone, PC or a laptop.

This initiative of providing internet access to millions is spearheading by not only Facebook, but its founding partners like Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericson, Qualcomm, Media Tek and Opera are also alongside with Mark for this initiative. is the project that is all about minimizing the cost of accessing the internet, and for this, they just want the collaboration of technologies. The project is going to involve development of such kind of apps, which are more efficient, when it comes to the consumption of data. In addition, they are also looking forward to form partnership with the local network operators and relevant companies for the novel business models.

After Google, Its Facebook's Turn To Work On Providing Internet Access To Millions

In his latest interview, Mark Zuckerberg explained a lot of aspects of this highly ambitious project initiated by his company. He said that he is very well aware about the huge barriers out there in the path of developing countries to connect and join them for the knowledge economy. Then, he also announced his alliances for the forthcoming project of the company- He also added that this project is going to bring a global joint venture together, which will function to deal successfully with those barriers. It is going to do that by making the internet-access available for the people, who are presently not able to afford it; and somehow isolated from the rest of the world due to the present scenario of internet accessibility.

However, the four big names of information and technology world were absent there in the alliance for Well, their absence might be conspicuous for all, but it will be interesting to see the role of Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Twitter, as the project will proceed in its further developments.

Meanwhile, Mark also claim that in present scenario, the access to the internet is almost a human right and they should get it, conveniently. More detailed explanation about the concept of can be found on the white paper that Mark published, alongside his announcements. The paper is titled- Is Connectivity a Human Right?

Well, the critics are also relating the concept behind with commercial motivation of Facebook, which somehow should be considered right. Because, Mark himself wrote in his published paper that- the unjust financial truth is that those already on his social networking website  have way more money and relative opportunities  than other, who aren’t there, so it may not actually be successful for us to provide the next few billion population for some time, if ever.

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