5 Things You Can Do Online To Be More Productive

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The hidden truth about full time jobs: no one works 9 to 5 without any downtime. Apart from the usual lunch and coffee breaks, there are plenty of other times when you are not hunched down on your computer and efficiently tapping away on the keyboard. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of a low slide on the productivity meter (as long as it’s not a landslide of course). In fact, focusing on something else when you’ve hit a mental road block at work can actually help you to unwind and refocus. Here are some ways to refresh your brain at work:

  • Write a Blog

5 Things You Can Do Online To Be More Productive

This is really not the same thing as “Dear Diary”. Everyone and their dog seem to have a blog these days. Writing helps to structure thoughts and is an efficient exercise to dislodge the cobwebs from your mind. The best thing about blogs is they don’t have to be on anything specific. Think of the first thing on your mind and start writing. Remember, it’s up to you to decide the target audience, so don’t freak out about who’s going to be reading the rantings of your mind.

  • Go Shopping

Depending on the “officious” nature of your office, this can be online shopping or “real” shopping. Running errands and picking up grocery can be a great way to kill time. If your boss isn’t too happy about you punching out in the middle of the day, then go online shopping. Browse Amazon, search for good deals on your favorite online stores. Maybe you will find a great present for your niece’s 5th birthday that can be delivered to your place all wrapped up, giving you some extra me-time.

  • Pay Your Bills Online

If you haven’t caught onto the online payment systems available for most consumer services these days, it’s time to catch on. Almost all utility bills can be paid online with a few clicks. The first time might require a few extra minutes to configure your account, but after that it’s smooth sailing. Instead of spending your lunch hour rushing around paying your electricity bills you can do it sitting right in your office.

  • Play Online Games

Why not? It’s fun, it’s not office work or personal errands. It’s just plain old fun. From card games like Solitaire, intense warcraft games like Minecraft, arcade Flash games like Mario Brothers to casino fun with online pokies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. There are some sites with easy to download, small sized flash games from puzzles to motorcycle racing which you can try your hand at while waiting for some work-related epiphany.

  • Tune-in to your Favorite Radio Station

Music – food for the soul and wine for the brain. Now obviously you would have to keep the volume down even if you have your own office. Or to really zone out, invest in a good set of ear plugs or headphones to enjoy some downtime with your favorite tunes.


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